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Welcome to the home page for our starter plot on The Weald Allotment site –  for love of my allotment – this is all the background stuff 

Please click on the header above Regular updates of happy haphazard progress  for latest post.

The background

Over 3 years on the waiting list and at last…in 2013 we got a small field with a leaky pond – an allotment!

We are really excited about trying to grow all the fruit and vegetables that we need,  a sort of  self sufficiency for two and of course some spares for the rest of the family.

We have already discovered newts hibernating under the plastic around the pond and look forward to maintaining their habitat.

I am a writer, poet and film maker, so as well as growing lovely fruit and veg, I am sure there will be plenty of scope for writing and films too.


with a bit of fairy magic thrown in!

A love affair with allotments started early in life.  Many war babies had parents with allotments and I come from that generation. The generation that can just about remember Grandad keeping chickens in the yard and following the coalman’s horse with a bucket and shovel!

However it was in 1996 that I took on a small allotment in South London because my  mother who was by then 72 fell in love with it. We only popped in for their open day. There were no waiting lists here but she wore a striking green hat that must have charmed the chairman because suddenly we were given a very accessible plot right near the entrance, the site shop and the chairman’s plot!.

This was my first encounter with an allotment and hers like my current one looked like was a field with a  leaky pond.   However in the end we both had ten lovely years of allotmenting.

My mother enjoyed growing things but she had no intention of doing any digging and insisted on using black plastic in places waiting for plants, to keep the weeds under control.

We usually worked on our allotment for two hours, two afternoons a week and as the pictures show, we how we transformed it. My mother loved gardening and taught me all that I know about it.

Our allotment in South London


My partner and I moved to Brighton a year after  my mother’s death. It was completely shattering as she died partly due to hospital mismanagement. Around the same time my wonderful ash tree that was why I had bought my tiny house in South London in the first place died too.

It  was such a wrench to leave my house where I had brought up my children as a single parent and leave my mothers allotment. For 12 months I drove from Brighton to London to tend it before I could bring myself to part with it.

I managed it in the end and I hope whoever took it over loved it as much as we did. This is my long suffering partner who shares the work on our allotment on the Weald.

The Weald Allotment in Hove

Peter Ferris,  the official site rep.  is full of information and looks after the Weald site with the guidance of the committee and the assistance of some enthusiastic helpers.    One of them, Mo, makes super lavender ‘bottles’ for charity.

                                      This is Peter in his hat on Open Day.

The site is well managed and cutting down some of dead trees is part of on ongoing strategy. This means that there are lots of bark clippings available for paths or mulch.

A past chairman has a plot near ours and loaned us his wheelbarrow to move bark chippings to our plot. Someone else on the site gave us some courgettes and the lady opposite proffered two of the chinese cabbages that she was planting.  Later two children along the way and said hallo.  So now it is onwards and upwards, clearing the rubbish and planting the beans!

I am also a  keen film maker and have several  films are on youtube. Recent films feature Bluebells and bees in Emmets garden and bluetits house hunting in Saltdean.

If you type in ann perrin on youtube you get the lot!

If you have children ‘A hole in the wall’ is fun

I love this one about Virginia Woolf”s garden in Rodmell.

and this one featuring Monet’s Garden garden is another I particulary like.

As well as this blog I have a blog for news and views and my poetry, annperrin.wordpress.com.   I’m usually on the other side of the camera!

But Alan took this, it is me in my posh sun hat eldest son Robin bought me!


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